Bayern captain Lahm says he's retiring at end of season


Published 5:27 p.m. ET Feb. 7, 2017 | Updated 14 minutes ago

MUNICH (AP) — Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm announced Tuesday that he is retiring at the end of the season, one year before his contract with the club ends in 2018.

“My leadership style is always to give everything every day, every training session, every game. I believe I can still do that to the end of the season but not thereafter. That’s why it’s clear to me that I’ll stop at the end of the season,” the 33-year-old Lahm told reporters after Bayern’s 1-0 win over Wolfsburg in the German Cup.

“I’ve been considering it for more than the past year, that you have to keep testing yourself, you have to keep asking yourself ‘how is it’, day by day, week by week on the training pitch, what’s the feeling you have,” Lahm said. “I’m certain I can deliver my top level — also as a leader for the…

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