Dillon Brooks, of Viral Flop Fame, Grasps for Stardom at Oregon

Weeks later, and in the middle of another strong season that Brooks says he hopes will end with No. 7 Oregon (22-4) reaching the Final Four, he is still hearing about it.

“All around, when I go on the road, people say ‘flop’ and stuff,” he said after a victory at Southern California on Saturday. “But it motivates me to win the game and shut them up.

“My teammates make fun of me still. They can do it. It’s all fun. The fans, they can do whatever they want. I’m just mostly focused on what’s going on on the court and winning games.”

Brooks’s theatrics were not his first bizarre brush with the headlines. After celebrating a 3-pointer late in an 82-68 win over Duke in last season’s N.C.A.A. tournament, Brooks was involved in a postgame exchange with Blue Devils Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Brooks and Krzyzewski disputed the nature of the coach’s comments; Brooks told reporters that he had been admonished for his celebration, and Krzyzewski initially denied that, but audio later supported Brooks’s version, and the coach apologized to him and Oregon’s coach, Dana Altman.


Brooks after…

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