Lakers coach Luke Walton adjusting to new landscape in Los Angeles


USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick discusses how the Warriors will miss Kevin Durant’s defensive prowess while he’s out.

Among the many things Luke Walton has going for him as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers is that he actually talks with Jeanie Buss.

Every so often, the 36-year-old will pop in to those corner offices at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo, Calif., where Jeanie and her longtime friend, Linda Rambis, work. Walton is nothing if not personable, not to mention savvy, and so the occasional chat with the team president and governor about the state of affairs is something he can handle.

There have been many signs of upheaval in Laker Land over the past few years, but one of the more subtle ones is that the person who wielded the most power had little, if any, contact with the most prominent people on the basketball side. Jeanie, whose late father, Jerry Buss, not only gave her the top business side position but the purple and gold hammer over the…

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