NBA blocked Mark Cuban's idea to let Tony Romo play in Mavs game


Tony Romo seemed to have a great time getting away from football and suiting up for the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

Former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo warmed up with the Dallas Mavericks before Tuesday’s game, but it appears that Mavs owner Mark Cuban wanted an even bigger role for Romo.

Cuban told the media Tuesday night that he wanted Romo to play for the Mavs and discussed the idea with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, but Silver would not agree and said the contract wouldn’t be honored.

However, had the Mavericks been fighting for a playoff spot, Romo wouldn’t have been anywhere near the court.

“Of course not,” Cuban said. “We would have had the pregame presentation like we always do. But I wouldn’t want any distraction.”


Romo, who spent 14 seasons with the Cowboys and will join CBS as a television analyst, still received a nice sendoff from the Mavericks as he participated in warm-ups and the layup line before the game against the Nuggets.

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