On Basketball: In Socially Conscious N.B.A., Perception of Knicks Dims Again

And just last week, Stephen Curry made his feelings about the 45th president mighty clear with clever wordplay.

It is in this 21st-century N.B.A., in this sequence of events, that we need to consider the recent behavioral chaos inside Madison Square Garden — with the Knicks sinking to a new low of depravity with the arrest and humiliation of Charles Oakley, and with Commissioner Adam Silver then needing to get involved, to say enough is enough.

In the process of doing what the owners pay him to do, Silver had to protect the Knicks from inflicting further damage on themselves and the league than the considerable amount they had already inflicted.

Silver’s league may do the bulk of its business in the United States, but it has millions of fans — and in corporate deals — around the world. It welcomes players of all colors and ethnicities. It is, no doubt, with that diversity in mind that Silver — perhaps even more so than David Stern before him — has staked the N.B.A.’s reputation on being intolerant of intolerance.

Working out of New York, Silver felt the visceral reactions around the city to the sight of Oakley in…

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