Rankin: Spring rant possible sign of Nick Saban still steaming over title game loss


Listen as Alabama head coach Nick Saban rips a reporter that asks him about running a “ball-control” offense on the first day of spring practice.

It’s just spring, but Nick Saban is already in midseason form.

Saban erupted after Alabama’s first spring practice when addressing a question about offensive philosophy related to losing the time of possession battle in the national title game loss to Clemson and hiring New England Patriots assistant Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator.

“I don’t know where you came up with we’re going to go with ball control,” Saban said Tuesday. “That’s not what we do. I mean, the New England Patriots threw the ball over 60-something percent of the time, which is more than we threw it. So where does that assumption come from or do you do what everybody else in the media does is create some (expletive) and put it on the wall and see what sticks.”

The four-letter word starts with a S, ends with a T, and can be HI-ghly effective when making a…

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