Rays ace Chris Archer moving past 19-loss 2016: 'I'm capable of so much more'


With MLB spring training underway, there’s plenty to talk about.

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Chris Archer is 28 now, with nearly four seasons of major league service time to his name, and suddenly the Tampa Bay Rays ace is closer to baseball middle age than his youthful appearance, energetic demeanor and 98-mph fastball would suggest.

Yet with that advancing age comes deeper perspective, and a coping ability that in the past year came in handy.

Archer went from the All-Star Game to baseball’s biggest loser in just one year – yet his 9-19 season was a “revealing process,” he said, exposing who his truest friends were and tapping his reservoirs of professional resolve.

He saw his franchise once again retreat when he’d rather they attack, so Archer has learned to choose his words carefully, voicing his displeasure at the Rays’ low-budget ways when he must, even if it earns him an occasional trip to the principal’s office.

And after seeing a president and First Lady he publicly admired give way to a chief executive…

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