Richie Incognito Accused of Using Racial Slurs in Game

Richie Incognito Accused of Using Racial Slurs in Game


Richie Incognito, the Bills guard involved in a bullying scandal five years ago, used racial slurs during Sunday’s game against the Jaguars, an opponent alleged. The league said Monday morning that it was investigating.

Jacksonville defensive end Yannick Ngakoue said on Twitter Sunday night that Incognito, whom he referred to only by his number, used “some weak racist slurs” in the game.

Ngakoue said he was “proud of his African heritage” and added a hashtag “I ain’t Jonathan Martin,” a reference to the player bullied by Incognito and two other Dolphins in 2013. An N.F.L. report found that the players had “engaged in a pattern of harassment.”

Incognito was suspended for eight games. Martin quit the team. The Dolphins said Incognito would never play for them again, but he was picked up by the Bills.

Incognito, 34, was defended late Sunday by a fellow offensive lineman for the Bills, Dion Dawkins. “I was next to my guy the entire game and the entire season, and believe me, if he was saying some racist stuff, I would have been the first to let him know that was out of line.”

The Jaguars won Sunday’s game, 10-3, eliminating the Bills from the playoffs.

When asked for more details, Ngakoue on Monday told The Associated Press: “He said what he said. He knows what he said. I don’t have to repeat it.”

“Somebody says something about your ethnicity, that’s really kind of taking it a little too far. I’m all with trash talk. It’s part of the game, but you can’t say certain things.”

Incognito did not respond to a request by A.P. for a comment.

Incognito’s checkered career includes fights with teammates and opponents at Nebraska and accusations of dirty play in the pros. He was accused of using racial and anti-gay slurs during the bullying of Martin, who is black.

Incognito had not responded to Ngakoue’s charges as of Monday morning.

Ken Belson contributed reporting.


Published at Mon, 08 Jan 2018 19:27:52 +0000

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