Rob Gronkowski talks about Martellus Bennett, rehab and missing the Super Bowl

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – If Rob Gronkowski had his way, he would make Martellus Bennett the highest-paid tight end in the NFL.

Bennett made one of the key plays in the Super Bowl that helped the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons. He forced a pass interference call to set up the game-clinching two-yard run from James White.

Since then, he has made plenty of headlines talking about compensation for Super Bowl players and has teased that he wants to test the free agent market if he becomes eligible on March 9.

Gronkowski told reporters before the Daytona 500 he is cheering for his teammate.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the front office,” Gronkowski said. “All their decisions are what they do. I just focus on what I do and be the best player I can be. I’m hoping that (Bennett) breaks the bank. Any time you see a tight end break the bank it’s good for the industry, it’s good for the position.”

Gronkowski, who had surgery in December to repair a herniated disc in his back, said watching Tom Brady lead the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl title inspired him to work harder to return from  the eighth…

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