Two Florida golfers make back-to-back aces

Greg Hardwig, Naples Daily News

3:21 p.m. ET Jan. 26, 2017

Gregg Shires and Greg McCall both have been fortunate enough to make a handful of holes-in-one during their golf careers. But Jan. 15, they took it to another level.

The two members of Estero Country Club at The Vines in Fort Myers, Fla., each made a hole-in-one on back-to-back shots on No. 8.

“I hit a 6-iron and it was kind of a high little draw and landed I suppose 12 feet or so right of the hole and short of it, and the ball just kind of ran up and went right in,” said Shires, a 2 handicap whose ace was his fifth. “We were surprised.”

“We gave each other high-fives and were excited,” said McCall, who like Shires is a fellow Indianapolis native. They were playing against Jim Weir, a Vines member from Illinois, and his guest.

Then it was McCall’s turn on the 164-yard hole. The 4-handicapper hit an almost identical shot to Shires, except he used a 7-iron.

“My ball hit almost in the same place,” McCall, 69, said. “It  took the same track….

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